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Detox & Cleanses


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Our programs will assist you to strengthen the immune system and body by removing contamination that we acquire through our daily lives.

Our Programs

Group Programs

Why D e t o x or C l e a n s e ?

For group leaders traveling with a group to Bali, we can assist you to incorporate a cleansing program into your retreat.

We can provide you with the basic ingredients that are needed to achieve an optimal success during a cleanse.

Our selected programs

The following programs may take place in the comfort of your own selected villa while staying in the southern area of Bali.

If you would like us to suggest a location where to stay, please do not hesitate to contact us with your request.

Explore the options 3 Day Juicing for Groups 3 Day Juicing for Groups 5 Day Body Cleanse for Groups 5 Day Body Cleanse for Groups 7 Day Body Cleanse for Groups 7 Day Body Cleanse for Groups

Detoxing οr cleansing assists your body to rid itself the numerous factors that we ingest in today's modern world. From using pharmaceutical medications, added pesticides to our foods, consuming processed food, sugars, air pollution, etc, can lead to health problems such as joint inflammation, skin issues, tiredness, headaches, gastrointestinal problems, and other issues related to a weak immune system.

Our programs will consist of the freshest organic ingredients for the best results and will be supervised by our selected practitioners.

Vibrate in Vitality!

The 7 Day Cleansing Program The 7 Day Cleansing Program

The following programs take place at our selected venues.

These cleanses are guided by a facilitator and treatments are scheduled according to the program.

Personalized Cleansing Program Personalized Cleansing Program In house programs The Herbal & Juice Cleanse The Herbal & Juice Cleanse Ayurveda Detox Cleanse Ayurveda Detox Cleanse Aryuveda Body Purification Aryuveda Body Purification

With this training your personnel and venue will be able to provide this service, by including a cleansing/DETOX program that may last from 3 to 28 days.

Cleansing Training for Villas
Cleansing Training for Villas Cleansing Training for Villas


This was the best way for me to start my 4 week holiday in Bali. The staff at the Ayruvedic Centre were kind, attentive and

very accommodating. The package is the way to go. My diet and treatments were tailored for my health and wellbeing needs.

The food was delicious. The resort and room were clean and beautiful. The grounds were quiet and peaceful.

I am still feeling the positive effects of my Ayruvedic treatments and am continuing on with the diet as well as the yoga.

Feb. 2015

Rhonda Klotz - Australia